Hello! I'm Matej Urbanek

I'm a freelance graphic designer with a passion for web design, brand identity, and print materials. Over the past five years, I've turned my love for design and travel into a thriving career that takes me all around the world.My approach to design is simple: it should tell a story, evoke emotion, and be as unforgettable as the places I've visited. Whether I'm working on a sleek website, developing a new brand identity, or creating custom printing materials, I bring a piece of global inspiration into every project.Traveling has not just been a backdrop for my career but a source of creativity and innovation. The colors of a bustling market in Marrakech, the textures of an old town in Europe, or the typography on a sign in Tokyo—these experiences translate into a design language that's rich, diverse, and engaging.As a digital nomad, I offer my clients a unique perspective that combines contemporary design principles with cross-cultural aesthetics. My goal is to create designs that aren't just visually stunning but also resonate with people, wherever they are.If you're looking for a designer who can deliver a world-class look and feel for your brand, let's connect. Together, we can craft designs that capture your vision and enchant your audience—no passport required

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